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Michael Young

I am a full-stack.










Born and raised in the Silicon Valley, recently moved to Austin, TX. I have been surrounded by technology my entire life. I am a web developer, podcast junkie, and lifelong learner.


Web Development Skills


Experience in fundamental HTML/CSS. Experience with Sass and Less. Flexbox, media queries, and animations. HTML5 ARIA for accessbility.


Production experience with ReactJS, AngularJS, jQuery. Experience with configuring build tools (Webpack/Grunt/Gulp).


Production experience writing and maintaining APIs with NodeJS & Express and PHP. Light experience with Rails, serverless framework (API Gateway / Lambda / DynamoDB).


Production experience with MySQL and Postgres. Usage of DB-agnostic ORMs like Active Record. Light experience with NoSQL (MongoDB, DynamoDB).


I have worked with many external APIs, including Stripe, Twitter, Google Maps, Google Charts, Twitch, and OpenWeatherMap.

Other Core Skills

Version Control (Git, SVN, CVS)

Extensive use of Git dealing with branches, pull requests, and resolving merge conflicts. Light exposure to SVN and CVS.

A/B Split Testing

Implemented 400+ split-tests per year at a previous job. I have learned to never assume anything about your customer unless the data proves it.

Project Management / Issue Tracking

Have used many ticket/bug tracking software, including: Github Issues, JIRA, Cerberus Helpdesk, osTicket, and Bugzilla.

Process Improvement / Systems Automation

Proven track record of improving processes -- saving my employers time, reducing costs and risks, and increasing revenue opportunities.

Community Management

Experience leading social media engagement, fostering crowd-sourced community support in the form of wikis and discussion forums, and technical support.


We Dare You

Description:  Kickstarter for Dares.

Tech:  Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap/SASS, heavy use of AJAX & jQuery including instant search, isotope.js, Stripe API, Facebook API, Amazon Web Services (S3 and CloudFront), worker (dynos) scheduling.

IBM Mobile DevOps

Description:  Proof of concept/prototype for a Mobile DevOps application created for IBM.

Tech:  Ionic Framework, AngularJS, CSS3.

IBM Watson Command Line Tool

Description:  Proof of concept/prototype for an IBM Watson / IBM Bluemix command line tool.

Tech:  Commander.js for console commands and options, Inquirer.js for Yeoman-style question prompts.

Coder Shortcuts

Description:  Shortcuts to improve your workflow.

Tech:  Ruby on Rails, SQLite, Bootstrap/SASS, jQuery, AJAX, pagination, instant search, cocoon gem to assist with nested forms for model associations.

D3.js Draggable Globe

Description:  Draggable 3D globe built in D3.js

Tech:  D3.js, SVGs, jQuery

Meet Your Maker

Description:  A light-hearted interactive death clock.

Tech:  Ruby/Sinatra, ActiveRecord & SQLite, ZURB Foundation, jQuery, APIs (Twitter, Google Charts, Genderize), Parallax scrolling.

MakerSquare Tweet Cloud

Description:  A word cloud based on MakerSquare student tweets.

Tech:  Ruby/Sinatra with Slim, DataMapper & SQLite, jQuery, jQCloud


Please feel free to reach out to me for any reason! Preferred form of contact is via email.

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